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Handmade Love: The Black Woman Writes

“Tears are words that need to be written”

Paulo Coelho

When the transformative power of writing is catalyzed, amazing things happen! When the Black woman has a safe space to tell her story, not only does her shame die, but she is reborn.

Handmade Love: The Black Woman Writes, is a safe space to tell your story; the story of your tragedy and triumph; the story of your pain and power; the story of your ruin and redemption.

Each month, we will highlight a Black woman writer who will share with us some of her handmade love; her voice, her song, and her heart in written form.

January’s feature is Shana Richardson, click HERE to read her story.


If you’d like to be featured in the Handmade Love series, please fill out the form below and let your voice be heard.