Activate the gift of self-healing to experience the radiant beauty and joy of optimal health.

Digital downloads, Self-Publishing Consulting & Black American Hoodoo Empowerment

Hoodoo Practationer and Death & Mourning Doula

A powerful portal between the physical and spiritual realm. A space for the forgotten. Rest for the weary, tired souls journeying on the path to the place we all call home.

The uplifting of African Spirituality in general and Hoodoo in particular to restore the Black spirit and the Black community.


What We Do

Obitutary Writing & Homegoing Services Planning.

Step-by Step guidance on how to establish an ancestor altar in your home.

Ancestral Divination & Messages to provide counsel and instruction on life matters of importance to you.

Why You’ll Love Us

“Hoodoo is the forgotten faith of African American people”.

Ishmael Reed


  • Authentic
  • Spirit-Filled
  • Connected
  • Emphatic
  • Passionate

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