The 22 Year Repressed Memory of A Shame Entrenched

“The journey of descent consists of encountering your shadow many, many times. Emotions as intense as shame and guilt give themselves up only a bit at a time-and you wouldn’t want more” Deepak Chopra Whenever you are ready to pivot and transcend to a new level in your life, whatever you cannot bring with youContinue reading “The 22 Year Repressed Memory of A Shame Entrenched”

Toxic Single Mothers & The Boys They Raise Who Never Become Men

“Some people play victims of crimes they committed” This is a topic that many don’t want to discuss because most don’t want to admit it. There are many, many single mothers who are toxic, narcissistic and abusive. And they raise boys who never become men. They raise boys who grow up to be emotionally unstable,Continue reading “Toxic Single Mothers & The Boys They Raise Who Never Become Men”

A First Born Daughter Raised as a Son

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” Carl Jung “My father told me, “If you were a boy, I wouldn’t have to be so hard on you”. He was right. If I was a boy, he wouldn’t have had to be so hard on me because I would have beenContinue reading “A First Born Daughter Raised as a Son”

Karma Isn’t A Bitch, Her Name is Miss Celie…

“The words we use, use us” Unknown The Color Purple is my favorite movie of all time. There are so many scenes that resonate with me, but the one that touches me the most was the Easter dinner scene when Celie gave Mister more than just a piece of her mind! Whew! Sends chills downContinue reading “Karma Isn’t A Bitch, Her Name is Miss Celie…”

Observe But Don’t Absorb

“I wonder how much of what weighs me down is not mine to carry” I used to be very confused about who I was and suffered with a very distorted and incorrect self-image. When I began to self-heal and unearth the truth of who I was at the soul level, I realized that I hadContinue reading “Observe But Don’t Absorb”

Our Love is a War

“Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up” James Baldwin “It’s going to be hard”. That is what my deceased great grandfather, my closest spirit guide told me when I met this fine ass 6 footContinue reading “Our Love is a War”

I’m Not As Strong As I Thought…

“Heaven arms with love and laughter those it does not wish to see destroyed” Zora Neale Hurston My entire adult life I’ve taken pride in my strength. My identity was primarily built upon how much pain and suffering I had been able to endure. Alone. I had no idea who I was or where IContinue reading “I’m Not As Strong As I Thought…”

The Message of a Migraine

“Every feeling, every thought-every emotion we experience sends a message to each cell in our body” Unknown I started having headaches when I was 16. My father used to tell me, “you think too much. That’s why your head hurts. Stop stressing”. That’s a man for you. Simple, rational, and with the enviable ability toContinue reading “The Message of a Migraine”

Peace or Pieces

“Acceptance is a small, quiet room” Cheryl Strayed I had this insatiable need to be right. To have my side of the story not only heard, but accepted as the one and only truth. I wanted the people who had wronged me to admit they were wrong and desire my forgiveness. I needed vindication. Justice.Continue reading “Peace or Pieces”