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Kathleen Nicole

“Write what should not be forgotten

The primary genre of books I write is Self-Help and Personal Growth & Development. Recently, I’ve emerged from my cocoon with the courage to start writing fiction, particularly short stories.

I wasn’t always a fan of short stories. I always felt they were a tease and I didn’t get as much from the story compared to a reading a novel. I love how life just laughs at us. Because one day I read Homemade Love by J. California Cooper and I fell in love with the short story genre.

I became such a fan, that I started writing fictional short stories. I love to write about love, tragedy and triumph. Please take a look and feel what my heart looks like through my short stories. Thanks for visiting!

“Rebellious Hearts”

This is the love story of two slaves who made the difficult choice; freedom or love? The 1793 Stono Rebellion that took place in South Carolina is the historical backdrop of this piece. Click HERE to read

“Hers for the Taking”

This is the story of 11-year old Kimani who learns that fate is fluid and her life and struggles are the greatest gift she never should have opened. Click HERE to read.