The Three G’s of Spiritual Warfare

The Three G’s of Spiritual Warfare

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell”

The Global Pandemic has sent the world into a tailspin. It exposed the thread that so many people had been hanging onto for dear life. Depression, panic, anxiety, fear, and dread have caused many people to lose their grasp on reality and cling to an illusion that has been seductively crafted by the media, government, and technocracy. People are questioning everything and know nothing. Truth is a subjective luxury that can be altered at any moment. Maintaining peace and a higher consciousness to sift through and determine what is real and true at the soul level is a matter of spiritual warfare. I have identified 3 G’s that are necessary to win this war and rise above the fray to achieve victory. They are Gratitude, Being Grounded, and Grace. Mastering and applying these spiritual principles will have you shouting, “my soul looks back and wonder how I got over.”


Gratitude is not just a feeling; it is a state of being that will insulate you from fear and depression. Gratitude is an essence that must become apart of your core being. Your heart must be in a constant state of gratitude. This allows you to shift the focus from your problems, struggles, and negative emotions to the abundance that is ever present in your life in all its many forms. This is not always easy to do and that is why it is a necessary tactic in spiritual warfare. Not many people will do the work to it takes to grow a spirit of gratitude. Your gratitude may be mixed with tears, regret, guilt, or shame. Your gratitude may be on the lips of a, “I don’t understand, but I’m still thankful, “I’m hurting but I’m still thankful,” “My life is falling apart, but I’m still thankful.” That is the power of gratitude. It will carry you through. Because my dear, “every storm runs out of rain.” Gratitude is a choice that is made in the midst of your storm. It is a choice to say, my life is shit right now but Lord (universe, Jehovah, Allah, Source) I thank you. I thank you for my life. I thank you for my many blessings. I thank you that I have a place to sleep and food to eat. I thank you that I have loved ones and friends. My father’s favorite scripture is, “I will bless the lord at all times and his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” I can’t count how many times I heard him say that over the years and it has become embedded in my soul. I remember when I had no job, no car and no money and I would go to church and shout and praise the lord as if I had it all. I praised in the midst of my loss, pain, and tragedy. I cried but I still said thank you. I didn’t even know what I was thanking God for, but I thanked him. And I felt an anchoring. My situation didn’t change right away, but I did. I became rooted in gratitude. I was hurting but healing all at once because of my gratitude. I learned to vent but not complain. I learned to feel sorrow but not allow it grow in my life. I learned it was ok to cry and be angry, but not stay there too long. That is gratitude.

“Seeds of discouragement will not grow in the thankful heart”


I immediately think of the lyrics from the song My Soul Has Been Anchored In The Lord by Douglas Miller, “But if the storm don’t cease. And if the winds keep on blowing in my life. My soul has been anchored in the Lord.” Being grounded and rooted in something greater than yourself is another spiritual warfare tactic that will ensure your victory. People who are not grounded are anxious, worried, and nervous. They believe everything they hear and entertain voices and thoughts that are counterproductive to their peace, calm, and joy. To be grounded and anchored, turn off the news! I never watch the news. Ever. If it’s important enough and I need to know, someone will tell me. If there are things I am interested in knowing, I subscribe to newsletters and websites that will give me accurate information. The news is negative and exacerbates the fear and dread that lay dormant in so many. The media is set up to aggravate your spirit and cause confusion in your mind.

I am not religious anymore but growing up in the COGIC church and watching the examples of my great-grandmother, grandparents, and parents, I know that GOD will make a way. I’ve learned to trust in the Lord. That there is no failure in GOD. I have learned to lean and depend on the wisdom and teachings of my ancestors. I am anchored in my spirituality; Hoodoo and I have faith and believe that everything will be alright. It is this faith that grounds me in a truth that has existed in every Black family. We gon be aight! It doesn’t matter what the news says. It doesn’t matter what the CDC says. It doesn’t matter what the White House says. Embedded in the very fabric and core of our DNA is a resilience and fortitude that we need to anchor ourselves in. This will allow joy, laughter, hope and peace to sprout in our hearts no matter what is going on in the world. Those who don’t have it, won’t understand it. They will question why you aren’t panicking like everyone else. They will wonder if you are crazy. No, you are grounded, rooted, and anchored in the universal truth of life, “everything is alright in the end. If its not alright, its not the end”.


Grace is described spiritually as the unmerited favor of God. And this is a tactic you definitely need to tap into and utilize in spiritual warfare. Grace is not something that is reserved for a select few. Grace is there for the asking, taking, and receiving. When you have a spirit of gratitude, and your soul is anchored, you have access to the favor, the gifts, and abundance that is yours! Grace allows you to flow through life with ease. Grace is the essence you emanate that cause people to wonder what you have that makes you smile, laugh and express hope no matter what the situation. Grace is the essence that when everyone panics, you sit calmly and wait for instructions on how to proceed. Grace is something that can’t be seen but only felt. It is Grace that will have you say like the elders, “I believe I’ll go on and see what the end gon be”. And with a mindset like that you become unstoppable.

Gratitude, being grounded, and grace are the unmatched weapons that must be utilized in spiritual warfare. How do you build up your arsenal of gratitude, being grounded and grace:

Intermittent and Extended Fasting



Turning off the news

Breath work

Energy Clearing/healing

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals

We can win this war for our minds, energy, and spirits with gratitude, being grounded, and grace.


Kathleen Nicole

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