Worth The Fight

Worth The Fight

“I’m a little wounded, but I am not slain; I will lay me down to bleed a while, then I’ll rise and fight again”.


I’m currently training for a half-marathon. Usually, I run with music blasting in my ear, each foot gently hitting the pavement in sync with the bass beat. A few of my favorite songs on my running playlist are DNA by Kendrick Lamar, Freedom by Beyoncé, and Push It by O.T Genesis. So you know I be getting it!

On my most recent run I was led to run without any music. To simply hear each inhale and exhale, listen to the trees as the wind ran its fingers through their leaves, and be completely present during my run without any external distractions.

As I ran and could hear my breath become more ragged as I picked up my pace, fully aware of what my body was doing. I felt gratitude for the precious gift of movement. I was fully conscious of each thought that entered my mind. Between thoughts of, “I should have went to the bathroom one more time; dang I forgot to stretch my calves now they hurt, and wow this feels good, the words, “you’re worth the fight” resounded with a firm affirmation.

As much as we’d like to believe, no one is coming to save us. Not a man, our children, our mama, the government, our bestie and not the pastor. At the end of the day, the only thing you’ll ever have is YOU. No one is going to fight for your happiness, freedom, and healing with more vigor than you. No one is going to want it more than you. You must decide within yourself, that not only are you going to fight, but that you’re worth the fight! You are inherently and undeniably worthy. It can never be questioned or diminished.

I’m reminded of the story of Jacob who wrestled with God all night long, alone. He determined that he would not let go until he was blessed. During that battle, Jacob’s hip was injured. But, still he would not let go. At daybreak, the battle ended and he received a new name, Israel, “because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.”

Jacob believed he was worth the fight, even though he was injured and alone. He wanted IT so bad, he did whatever it took. I finished my run that day, with a renewed hope. I got my second wind. And like Jacob, although injured and alone, I’m going to fight until I get my blessing. Because I am worth it! You are worth it! And if we keep fighting and hold on, not only will we overcome, we will also receive our just reward.


Kathleen Nicole

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