The Helping Hand of the Ancestors

The Helping Hand of the Ancestors

“We might think that the confusion we experience in our daily life happens in isolation, but in reality, it has something to do with our lack of connection to our ancestors”.

Sobonfu Some

My daughter said to me, “mom you are on it”. She was admiring how I was navigating life with such ease. We are out the house on time every morning. Her dinner favorites are prepared, the snacks she wants are on deck at the house, clothes ironed for the entire week. I am planning our weeks seemingly effortlessly. I said, “thank you baby”. What she doesn’t know is that I have an entire team helping me every moment of every day. I have assembled a team of our ancestors. Her Gigi (my grandmother), my great grandmothers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers. I am supported, loved, given guidance, ideas, taps on the shoulder to calm down, do this first, then that or that can wait until tomorrow. I am never alone. I have the helping hand of our ancestors.

My ancestress, the enslaved women whose blood runs through my veins have left the magical blueprint for me to follow. The women who gifted me both their pain and power. The women who did it all. The women who didn’t have the time to ask How. The women who just did. I remembered the supernatural strength and resilience they possessed. The inherent feminine power and intelligence they tapped into to be and do all they needed to be and do. If they could work the rice, cotton, and tobacco fields, run Massa’s household, and still nurture their husbands and children then I could do what I needed to do. Because compared to them, I have it so easy.

“My grandmothers were not queens. They didn’t need to be royalty to be respected”

Ijeoma Umebinyuo

I have learned to shift my thinking from asking how I would get everything done to the mindset that, “With God and the ancestors on my side, I’m going to do this. With pure love, grace, and wisdom”. I have learned to elevate my spirit and feel the life force began to rise within me.

The ancestors, your ancestors, are here to assist, guide, and offer the gift of hope, reassurance, and courage. When we win, they win. When we overcome, they overcome. What we end in this life, ends in all other lives. They have a vested interest in our happiness and healing. It is time for you to assemble your team, discard the fear and anxiety and begin to master your life. The helping hand of the ancestors is waiting for you to grab ahold.

“It is when we have mastered our internal reality that we will have become the masters of our lives”

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